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Education as the Path to Hope: Bridging the Gap for Underprivileged Children

In a region where poverty is rampant, PLATFORM ACADEMY and ASSISTANCE TO COMMON POPLE have taken up the noble cause of educating underprivileged children. Discover the pressing need for support in Section 1, as we shed light on the financial barriers these children face, their dreams, and our commitment to eradicating child trafficking while providing them with a quality education. Join us in our mission to bring smiles and opportunities to these deserving young minds.

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The Need for a Separate Hostel for Girls

One of our most pressing needs is the construction of a dedicated hostel for girls. In an environment where economic hardships are prevalent, providing a safe and nurturing space for girls to live and study is of paramount importance. This hostel will not only offer them a conducive environment for learning but also protect them from the risks associated with traveling long distances for education.

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